Saturday, April 21, 2012

We're Not Just Talking About Teaching Here!

It's a lazy know what that means...Pinterest surfing! I decided I was going to be productive and surf Pinterest for dinner ideas while I was making my grocery list for the week. So as I was looking at all of the yummy food ideas, I came across a recipe that I pinned a few weeks ago. Since I was going to the store anyway, I added the ingredients to my list. It called for a square-like cupcake pan that I did not have so I added that to the list also. With my list in hand, I was off to Meijer to tackle the job of filling our fridge and pantry for the next two weeks. I came to the aisle where they sell their baking pans...not square-like cupcake pans  to be found! After finishing filling my cart and emptying my bank account, I headed to Target to find this pan. Guess What? No square-like cupcake pan their I decided I would "Manterest" the idea! Here's what I did:

Gathered my ingredients: a brownie mix, a cupcake pan (since there are no square-like ones to be found!), a package of break-n-bakes, and 12 Reese's Cups.
After making the brownie mix according to the directions on the box, I smashed two break-n-bakes into each cup.
Then placed one Reese's cup upside down in each cup. Then covered the Reese's cup with brownie batter.

Next, I tossed them in the oven to bake for about 18:00 min at 350 degrees. Here is how they came out!

Not as pretty as I thought they were going to turn out BUT come on! It's chocolate chip cookies, Reese's cups and brownies! How bad could they be! They are too hot to taste right now but I am sure they will be yummy! My kitchen smells good anyway! :)

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