Sunday, May 6, 2012

DEW your best!

FINAL day of ISTEP! I wanted to get the kids PUMPED for the final day of testing! What better to do that with than MT. DEW!!!! *Disclaimer- I first discussed this idea with my principal! I didn't let the students drink the Dew at school! I sent an e-mail to my parents warning them that I gave the students Mt. Dew and that it was coming home in their book bag! However, the kids were smiling ear to ear when they saw what was on their desk that morning! I once again went to my favorite program "Publisher" to create my cards that said "DEW your BEST on the rest of the test!"

Needless to say they LOVED it!

1 comment:

  1. I would be livid if my kid came home from school with Mt. Dew.....I dont like to use food as a reward/incentive anyways, but I would certainly not like soda. Maybe a cookie decorating party, or some type of activity reward would work better next year. Just my opinion, I love the other ideas you have on this blog, planning on making the DVD case cry erase boards with some game pages to slip under the plastic as party favors for my daughters birthday party :)