Sunday, May 6, 2012


So, my students REALLY liked the Smarties! One even said "do we get NERDS tomorrow?" Not because she asked for it but because it made me "Manterest" another idea, indeed they did get Nerds! A little side note about me, 1. I LOVE to be creative 2. I LOVE to give things to others 3. I LOVE to make people smile! I tossed the idea of giving my students Nerds all day long but just couldn't come up with the right phrase. Day 2 was "Language Arts Day" so I wanted to tie the nerds in with the reading theme.... I think it is the "AH HA" moment that makes me love doing this kind of thing.... This is what I came up with....
Using Publisher I made little cards that said "It is cool to be a NERD....make sure you read every WORD". I then printed them on bright colored card stock.

I then taped a small box of NERDS in the middle and put one on each of my students desk before they came into the room that morning.

They were pretty excited about their treats! I mean what 4th grader doesn't want straight sugar in the morning! (which they did not get to eat before their test!)

Two days of testing down! One to go! What DEW you think I will do for the kiddos on the last day????

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